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Private Investigator in Jackson

Private Investigator in Jackson, TN

CANDID Investigations is West Tennessee’s premier private investigator, offering a full range of investigative services that get results. From insurance fraud investigations to witness interviews, we complete each assignment quickly and with the utmost professionalism, giving you the answers and evidence you’re looking for. When you need concrete information and well-documented evidence, we’re just a phone call away.

Private Investigator and Process Server

Since 1991, CANDID Investigations has been a leading private detective serving West Tennessee. For decades, clients have relied on our professional investigative services to get the answers and evidence they need in a variety of situations. Our investigators guarantee confidentiality and efficiency with every assignment, with concrete results that illuminate your situation. Our mission is to observe, investigate, collect evidence and document information, all without revealing the motives or identities of our clients. Rest assured we operate with tact.

We specialize in a full range of investigative services, including criminal cases, child custody disputes, insurance fraud cases, nursing home abuse and wrongful death claims. Clients choose us time and again because we work tirelessly to provide valid information, quickly and confidentially. We know you’re likely dealing with a stressful situation, and we always treat every client with the respect and discretion they deserve. We’re dedicated to getting you answers, fast, so that you can move on with your life.

In addition to our private investigative services, we’re also the trusted process server in West Tennessee. Whether you need to track down and interview potential witnesses or you need to serve legal documents like summons or subpoenas to hard-to-locate parties, we’re the ones you can trust to get the job done, every time. Contact us today and discuss your situation with our discrete, professional staff.

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West Tennessee’s Premier Private Investigators

For over 30 years, CANDID Investigations has been the leading private investigator in West Tennessee, offering a variety of discrete, insightful investigative services. Give us a call today—all calls are welcome and completely confidential.

  • We pride ourselves on our commitment to confidentiality and professional service.
  • We investigate a wide variety of cases, gathering unbiased, factual information.
  • We offer evidentiary support for child custody investigations, as well as insurance cases.
  • We’re licensed by the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance.
  • We’re a proud member of Tennessee Association of Licensed Professional Investigators.

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